Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Five Minutes with Jesus

This is a review of 5 Minutes with Jesus (Making Today Matter) by Sheila Walsh. It is a small book of 49 short essays. Each essay is followed by scripture passages that pertain to the essay. It will really only take about 5 minutes for you to read each one. The book is small enough to fit into your purse or carry-on bag if you travel. 

I feel the author didn’t come up with anything new. Many of the essays are about her life and didn’t hit home with me. Her writing style is very average and I don’t feel terribly inspiring. I’ve read works by other authors that I found more interesting and enlightening. I do like the fact that the essays are short. Perfect for reading one a day and doing some reflecting. 

I was disappointed that there is not a table of contents or index. So if you want to go back and find a particular essay you have to page through the book. (I’m not a fan of marking up books or adding flags.)

I was give this book to review. All opinions are my own.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Beauty Boosters You Can Start Today

post signatureHave you ever thought about a plan to boost your health and beauty regimens? This list of beauty boosters will help you get on the fast track to looking and feeling good both inside and out. 

Invest in a quality hairbrush

Did you know that a cheap hairbrush could literally tear your hair out? Even the most healthy scalp loses a minimum of thirty hairs a day, so ensure that your hair will stay where it belongs -- on your head -- with a quality brush designed for your hair type. Boar and nylon are the most commonly used bristles in hairbrushes. Natural boar bristles are good for long, normal, fine and damaged hair; while the nylon variety tend to be better for short, coarse or heavily-damaged hair. Look for brushes with widely-spaced rows of bristles, as they glide through the hair more easily. 

 Moisturize your skin every day

Your skin, the largest organ of your entire body, needs special care and attention. Especially in the winter months, skin loses moisture and can easily become dry and flaky. 

Get enough sleep

Not getting the right quantity -- or quality -- of ZZZs can affect your appearance. Without enough rest, your cells don't have a chance to repair themselves, which will make your skin look dull and dry, and age more quickly than it otherwise would. 

 Scrub your way to soft feet

Taking time out for salon pedicures is not always in the budget, time or money wise, so take matters into your own hands... or, in this case, your own feet. Purchase a foot file (it is a bit like a giant nail file) or a pumice stone and use it to scrub any areas of your feet with dry or rough skin once or twice a week. Use the file or stone after a bath or shower -- or in the shower when your feet are wet -- because warm water softens the skin. (I like to moisturize my feet after.)

Make time for you, because you're worth it

Never forget that the most important person in your world is little ol' you. Make time to rest, relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Promise that once a month you'll plan a special treat, all for you. It might be dinner with a friend, a massage, a good book -- what ever works for you.  Remember that "me time" is the fuel that keeps you going in this hectic world. You have a lot  to do and lots  to be thankful for. When you make yourself a priority in your own life, you and everyone around you will reap the benefits!
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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Remedies for Chapped Ski

It’s hard to believe that winter is fast approaching when we’ve had such nice weather the past few weeks! So unusual for Minnesota this time of year and we definitely won't complain! We know it's going to change and so will the condition of our skin. 

Here are some tips to deal with winter skin: 

In winter, use a humidifier or place bowls of water near the heater to counteract the moisture loss created by central heating. 

A healthy diet is essential for healthy skin. Here is where fruits and veggies come in. Vitamin C is required for collagen production; beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A, a substance essential for maintaining skin tissue; vitamin E is vital for skin condition; and vitamin B helps repair the skin. 

Get sufficient sleep as the skin's cellular repair activity is at its optimum during this resting phase. 

Exercise benefits skin as it boosts circulation and encourages blood flow. Regular exercise will nourish and cleanse your skin from within. 

Dry brush skin in the mornings to stimulate circulation and the sebaceous glands. 

At bedtime use a moisturizer on your face and a lotion/moisturizing cream on your hands and feet. Limit the use of soap, because soap dissolves the fats from the skin and takes them away from the surface. 

15 minutes of sun exposure in the early morning or late afternoon is healthy for the skin, and activates the production of vitamin D in the body which, in turn, will promote healthy skin. Here in MN because of the reduced sunlight this time of year a Vitamin D supplement is recommended. 

Half an hour before you take your bath, massage yourself with a bath oil or if taking a shower, apply a bath oil immediately after. Blot yourself dry; do not rub vigorously with a bath towel. 

Wear gloves in cold weather to help prevent chapped hands. (I do this religiously!)

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Calm Your Baby Naturally with Lavender

Grady happily sleeping after a drop of lavender essential oil on his blanket helped calm him down.

Spending time with my new baby grandson has been such a special treat. He is usually a very contented little guy. However, just like most babies he has had some fussy moments. I suggested using a drop of lavender essential oil on his blanket and it calmed him down. So thought I would share some tips on using lavender essential oil to create a more relaxed atmosphere while caring for your baby. 

Massages: Both baby and mom can benefit from a relaxing lavender massage. Mix 1-2 drops of the essential oil with a carrier oil such as sweet almond oil or unscented lotion to create your own massage blend. Lavender is one of the most gentle essential oils and can be used diluted on a baby's skin. (Never use essential oils undiluted!

Baths: A soaking bath with lavender is another wonderful way to relax. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the bath water. For baby's bath, use just two drops; for Mom, use five to ten. Mix the essential oil with a little carrier oil before adding to the bath water and swish around in the water before putting baby in. You want to make sure the essential oil blend is well mixed before you put baby in.

In baby's room: Use a diffuser to disperse the scent of lavender essential oil throughout the room during naps and bedtime. Again just a few drops. Diffuse for about 15 minutes then turn the diffuser off. I suggest diffusing before baby naps or sleeps. Don't just limit these to baby's room-- lavender will help you feel more relaxed too. Or make a room spray by a few drops of lavender to water in a spray bottle. Shake before spraying. 

Laundry: Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the baby's laundry (including the crib sheets), not only for the aromatherapy benefits, but also for the soft, clean aroma it will add to your baby's things. A drop or two on a washcloth added to the dryer works well too.

In the car: Parents are usually excellent multi-taskers, but trying to calm a fussy baby while negotiating traffic is never easy. To help keep peace in the car, sprinkle a drop or two of lavender essential oil onto the baby's car seat or baby’s blanket before traveling. 

*Note that essential oils are extremely concentrated. Please, please always use them diluted. Follow usage directions carefully and keep them tightly closed and out of the reach of children.

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